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Supplemental Insurance

We help protect individuals, families and small businesses financially when the unexpected health event occurs. As a leading Supplemental Health Insurance Company since 1989, Family Heritage is committed to helping families get the protection they need at an affordable price.

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We Provide Quality Options
For Our Clients.


We offer affordable coverage that can help with the numerous costs that arise from a cancer diagnosis.


Heart and stroke insurance can help pay direct medical bills such as hospital charges, living expenses, travel for treatment, or in-home care.


Discover ongoing coverage that can help lessen out-of-pocket expenses due to an unexpected accident.


Explore coverage that can help you pay for hospital confinement and services during a covered sickness or injury.

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We're Different
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We are the only company in the country who returns all of your premiums back to you if you don't use it.

Even if you do make a few claims, as long as the difference between total premiums paid and total claims received is above zero, you still get that difference back!

Ask me how you may receive your money back less any claims made!

Check out this client's reaction when she finds out how much she gets back!  

We empower our customers to Make Tomorrow Better by offering products that help secure their financial future and protect them when tragedy strikes. We give our employees and sales agents the chance to Make Tomorrow Better by giving back, supporting initiatives with a service-first mindset, and promoting from within.

Our plans can help pay for direct medical bills but also indirect costs like living expenses, travel for treatment, and loss of income.

You can use the benefits of your policy on anything you need, not just for medical costs.

We can help relieve some of the financial pressure so you can focus on what matters most: healing.

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Globe Life Family Heritage Division

"This insurance has been a life saver for our family. Without it we would not be able to pay all our bills. Having this insurance was one of the best decisions we made in life. Thanks Globe Life."

Was paid over $67,000 Cancer Policyholder

"In April 2021, my husband had a massive stroke. We had just taken out coverage about 3 months before his stroke happened. He spent 12 days in the ICU, 14 days in a medical rehab hospital, and another 14 days in another rehab hospital. It has been a relief knowing we have Globe Life and the coverage as some of the bills have been very big."

Was paid over $65,000 Heart Policyholder

I was riding my motorcycle and hit a deer. I have been out of work for 18 months since the accident. Without this insurance, I wouldn't have been able to pay any of my bills. It saved my life. Worth every penny."

Was paid over $55,000 Accident Policyholder

In the Fall of 2018 I had a farming accident. In the ICU for a couple of days. Our agent at the time helped us with our paperwork, and they do what they say. We feel blessed to receive the large amount. Thank you Family Heritage!!

Was paid over $16,000 ICU Policyholder

Shortly after I began my policy with Family Heritage, I was diagnosed with cancer. Family Heritage paid a lot of the upfront costs and have continued with a monthly payment that has now extended past seven years. The whole point of insurance is that you never know when your health may take a turn for the worse. Family Heritage was there for me when needed most, and I couldn't be happier with their coverage and timely servicing.

Was paid over $64,000 Cancer Policyholder

"We bought our policies several years ago hoping we wouldn't have to use them. In December 2021 my husband was injured in a farming accident and injured severely. Our agent came and helped us with our claim and within 10 days we received our checks totally more than $89,000.00. We were happy we had these policies."

Was paid over $89,000 Accident Policyholder

"If you want a company that is true to their word and does what they say they're going to, enroll with Family Heritage today. Family Heritage helped our family as she went through her battle with cancer. Our family also received two substantial return of premiums checks that still continue to help our family to this day. They are unique and the only insurance that has done this. Thank you Family Heritage."

Was paid over $34,000 Cancer Policyholder

I thank God for the ICU coverage I have been paying for through Globe Life. Honestly I never thought I would have needed it until I received the results of my Covid-19 test. I tested positive and ended up in the ICU for 10 days fighting for my life. When I saw how much Globe Life paid me, all I could do was cry and thank God for them and the fact they stayed true to their commitment to help in unforeseen circumstances. I recommend anyone and everyone to get this insurance.

Was paid over $11,000 ICU Policyholder

"We know people who have used these policies and it helped them immensely. We feel blessed we haven't needed to use it. What a shock to receive all of our money back in the amount of over 30K. What an amazing company. They are there if you need them, and there if you don't."

Was paid over $30,000 Cancer Policyholder

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Frequently asked

Good news! Claims can now be accepted through our main website via our new "e-claims portal". Please click this link to go directly to the e-claims portal:

When submitting your claim through our eclaims portal, you will be guided step-by-step, prompting you for the information necessary  to make your claim.

You can also choose to mail in or fax your claim directly to our Claims Department.

No claim form is necessary. Simply mail or fax us the bill, receipt, or the report/results you received for the screening or test that contains the patient's full name, a description of the service and the date of service. Include the Policyowner's/Certificate holder's full name and policy/certificate number. For covered children, please also include their date of birth.

Please do not send any Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms from other insurance companies as we are not able to use these to process claims.

If mailing or faxing your claim information, please mail or fax the completed documentation to the following address:

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America
Attn: Claims Department
P.O. Box 470608
Cleveland, OH 44147

Fax: 440-922-5152

If you have questions or need assistance with filing your claim, please contact me at (503)862-6980

In order to have the premiums paid from a new bank account, contact our Customer Service Department and provide us with the name, address, and routing number for the new bank and your account number. The bank's routing number and your account number can be found at the bottom left corner of your checks.

Banking information changes can be made by contacting our Customer Service Department at (440) 922-5222, faxing the information to (440)922-5223, or by mailing your request to:

Globe Life Family Heritage Division
Attn: Customer Service
PO Box 470608
Cleveland, OH 44147

Yes, it is important that you keep us informed of changes in your family status since these changes may affect your premium. To make a change, please mail or fax us a letter indicating the changes you are requesting. The request can be made by faxing your request to (440) 922-5223 or by mailing your request to:

Globe Life Family Heritage Division
Attn: Customer Service
P.O. Box 470608
Cleveland, OH 44147

In order to increase coverage, all persons to be covered will need to pass our underwriting questions. Please contact our Customer Service Department at (440) 922-5222 and we will send out the necessary forms to be completed.

Please contact our Customer Service Department at (440) 922-5222.

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